Management Recruiters of Ocean's staff will work closely with you to ensure that no deviations from your company's profile occur. We are committed to delivering only the best candidates for your industry opportunities. Aggressive research and sophisticated profiling techniques based on proven behavioral models and tested over the last 35 years enable us to present to you a pre-qualified candidate "short list" that meets the requirements set forth by you, our client.

MRINetwork Videoconferencing

Our video conferencing network is transforming how people work and how companies do business. Through videoconferencing, MRINetwork, provides the innovation that successfully puts technology to work for companies like yours.

Jobs and careers for MDs Nurses doctors and PhysiciansThe concept is simple, the technology is state of the art. Videoconferencing brings you live and face-to-face with the people you need to see. The picture is sharp and the sound is clear--you'll forget you're not in the same room.

Maximize Your Resources

Management Recruiters International can link your business up to many of the largest metro markets throughout the United States, allowing individuals or work groups in different locations to meet face-to-face without the hassle and expense associated with business travel.

Multiple Applications

Regardless of the type of business you are in, videoconferencing offers an ideal solution to conducting long-distance meetings, job interviews, sales presentations, brainstorming sessions, depositions or off-site employee training.

Competitive Advantage

Videoconferencing can increase productivity in your organization - a critical factor in your ability to remain competitive in the global marketplace - by reducing the time and money normally spent on making travel arrangements.

What Does a Videoconferencing Session Include?

Our facilities feature a videoconferencing unit, which includes a television monitor with a built-in camera, a VCR and a remote control to regulate sound, picture and tracking. Each site also allows for complete two-way audio/visual interaction for up to 120 different sites simultaneously.

A document camera even allows you to project charts or graphs to full-screen size. Of course, our staff is trained to assist you during your videoconference.
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