Fee Structure


Our top priority. This plan is for an urgent situation, or for a sensitive case in which confidentiality is paramount. We serve as your company's directed recruiting resource. Fee is computed as a percentage of first-year compensation. You pay us one-third to initiate the search, one-third after the first round of interviews are completed, and the remainder when the candidate begins employment.

Priority Search:

Our consultants will devote the majority of his or her time to filling your position. A portion of the fee is required upon commencement of the search. Screening of candidates either in person or by video conference is available at your request. You are given exclusivity of candidates and your search will be made a priority. 


We refer candidates who most closely match your company's requirements. If you hire someone we've presented, our standard fee is computed based on a percentage of anticipated first years compensation for a single placement. Standard fee agreement can be negotiated in special circumstances like, exclusivity agreements with clients, etc.